3D Editor Object Controls

In order to create an amazing world, you have to learn about the object controls.
There are several different categories of 3d models which are animals, building, character and more.

Navigate to the world that you created by clicking on the world. The object controls are located at the bottom of the 3D editor.

Object Controls

Move Objects #

Firstly, you need to have a model to learn about the controls. Click on the treasure box icon on the left-hand side and drag an image into the editor. After that, click on the first mode on the object controls which located on the bottom of the 3D editor. Now you can drag the model to the location that you desire.

Start to decorate your world with your imaginations now!

Move Object

Move with arrows #

Besides that, you can also move your model in directions. In order to do that, you have to change the object control into the second by clicking on it. There will be arrows around the model. Now you can move your models in the specific directions by pulling the arrow that pointing the directions you wish to move.

Move With Arrow

Rotate object #

If your model is facing the different directions that you wish simply rotate it with the third controls. Select the third controls and there will be 3 circles appear around the models. Each circle stands for a different axis. The blue circle is for the y-axis, the green circle is for the z-axis while the red-axis is for the x-axis of the world.

Rotate Object

Make object bigger #

You can enlarge or shrink your model with the fourth controls. The model is able to enlarge by pulling upwards and shrink by pulling downwards.

Make Object Bigger

Shape #

Last and not least, the last feature on the object controls. You only can apply the last controls on shape models. You can find the shape model inside the treasure box icon. Example of the shape model is circle, plane, box and others.


Move multiple objects #

This is the additional features which enable you to move any object at the same time by selecting the model with the control button [Ctrl]. You can simply edit everything at the same time with the controls to suit your world.

Happy Creating your own worlds!

Move Multiple Objects

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