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Okay, you have learned about the basic controls and object controls. However, it is still not good enough to impress your friends. Therefore, you will learn the coding now. You can animate, move and add interactions with codings this will make your world even interesting and realistic.

Blocky #


Hows Blocky Works #

Blocky has been chosen as our programming language because it is very easy to learn. You will master the basics of moving model with coding after completing this tutorial. All you have to do is to drag and drop the blocks into the blank space. It is as easy as ABC right?

Categories & Colour Of Blocky #

There is seven colour which stands for motion, action, events, controls, math, operators, variables.

  • Blue is motion
  • Purple is action
  • Yellow is events
  • Orange is control
  • Pink is math
  • Green is operations
  • Orange is variable

So, let’s start the coding lesson now!

How To Code ( Move Objects ) #

First, you need to have a model to be code in our editor, so drag a model out from the treasure box icon and place inside the editor. After that, open the blocky toolbox in order to code by clicking on the top right “code” button.

Open Code

Next, all coding starts with an event. Click on the yellow circle or scroll down to the yellow blocks. Then, drag and drop the first yellow events block that written as “when play is clicked”. The coding inside will only fire when you press on the play button. Now, select the first blue motions block. After that, you need to place the blue block inside the yellow block. Remember to change the camera to the model you wish to move.

Lastly, press on the play button which located on the top right corner and waits for the magic to happen.

Feel free to try out other blocks. Have fun creating!

Drag and Drop

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